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by montejosmemorials on October 20, 2016


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15

I’ve always held fast to the verse about training up our children in the way they should go and when they are old, they won’t depart from it. I especially love The Message version that talks about pointing them in the direction of their individual bent. Although it hasn’t always been the easiest path, we are deeply committed to schooling in a way that focuses on the giftings of each individual.

Last year, we had our first opportunity of sending out one of our children. As much as we had focused on missions and in spite of the fact that I felt like we had been preparing our kids for this their whole lives, it was more of a challenge than I’d thought it would be, a whole new level of trust for Mom.  We always have loved, read, and listened to missionary stories and taking part in missions in as many aspects as we have been able to, so I knew that I was pointing our children in that direction, and it’s been incredible to see God work.

Caleb enrolled in SCSL, South Carolina School of Leadership last year. He tells lots of people that I forced him to go there, which may have been slightly true, but it was more of a gentle suggestion, wink, wink. Thankfully he accepted the suggestion, took it to prayer and received his own confirmations. He can’t blame the second year on me, lol, he did that on his own. 😉

If you’re wondering what SCSL is, it’s a leadership and discipleship program, where students are encouraged to find their God given strengths and giftings, and to walk them out in their lives as they are building family relationships that will be with them forever. They learn to process their past and gain leadership skills for the future and so many other things to build their lives. Many work to pay their tuition, as well as go to school, and have active parts of community and church ministry. There are others who are doing college at the same time as well as gaining ministry credentials. It’s intense, but incredibly life changing!

Each year, there are several missions trips that the students choose from. Last year, Caleb chose Nicaragua. I didn’t really think too much about it, probably since my husband is from Guatemala, we’ve been there several times, and the cultures are so similar. I know he speaks enough Spanish to get by and felt like he’d be right at home. At the last minute, the Zika virus showed itself, and that trip had to be rescheduled, so he was contemplating a stateside trip. This is where the new level of trust came in. He called and said they’d put a new trip together, but would need special permission to go. It was in a remote village in Alaska, the crime rate and prejudice was high, there was no legal system in the town, no way to communicate, etc. We told him to pray and decide what he was supposed to do, he did, and he went. God did some really cool things there.

Caleb's team in Alaska

Caleb’s team in Alaska


Caleb & Valeria from the SCSL team and one of the children in the village in Kotlek.

This coming year he has an opportunity to go to Ethiopia. Before he found out that Ethiopia was a scheduled trip, he had a dream about Ethiopia.  We already, as a family, have a love and passion for the people there, because we have friends who adopted from there and God has connected our families. This makes it extra exciting, so I want to come alongside of him in his fundraising efforts. Committing to this trip is a huge step of faith, because he is already working as much as he can in the free hours he has, but it’s just not enough to pay tuition, live, and plan for a missions trip. As a family, are asking for your vitally needed support. (Caleb’s support letter will follow, from his perspective.) There are several ways you can play a key role.

1. The first way is to pray. We would ask that you cover every aspect of this trip in prayer from fundraising and provision, to safety and accomplishing God’s heart and purposes while there.


2. The next way is to give financially to help raise the $3400 he needs to go on this missions trip. Tax deductible donations can be made at this link and designated for Caleb Montejo, missions fund,, or checks may be mailed to Christian Life, 2700 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210.


There are a few other ways you can give without taking extra money out of your budget. If you use vitamins, herbs, essential oils, probiotics, protein drinks, energy drinks, omegas, antioxidant drinks, nontoxic face care, body care, baby care, makeup, etc. and you are already buying these from somewhere that you aren’t committed to, you can shop with the below links and 6 to 30% of your purchase will go towards Caleb’s trip, depending on where you buy. You can even shop on Amazon!  My heart is to not only support him, but to help as many of the other students as we can!!! I would love nothing better than to get his covered and several others or take the extra earnings and split between the students who still need help.

So many of them are working so hard and just can’t earn enough in the time they have to accomplish their goals, so it’s up to us to help them! Every time I see one of their GoFundMe links, I send up a prayer that God will raise up people to help these young people who are giving all to learn to serve God! What a blessing it would be to them, to have some of the financial stress and burden lifted, so they can focus more on the ministries they are working in.

3. So, the third way is to change where you shop. You’re already spending the money anyway, so keep spending, but allow part of it to go towards helping Caleb and these other students. Here are the companies I am affiliated with and will earn from to set aside for missions if you buy from them. Please make sure to keep this handy, so you will remember the links.

Solle Naturals – Member #7263

Solle Naturals is all plant based nutritional support focused on mind/body health. There is a walk through of the herbal blends, essential oils and their benefits here.

Do you want to improve your health, but it seems to hard?  Host a Healthy Happy Hour, learn about some simple, natural ways to support your body and taste some incredible herbal drinks. The profits will go toward Caleb and the other students. (This class can only be taught if you are local to me.)


 Pure Haven Essentials – Consultant #13854

Pure Haven Essentials are all nontoxic products from skincare and babycare, makeup, and essential oils,  to body and home essentials (and more), see for yourself how amazing and effective “pure” can be. It’s not just for us girls either, they have beard balm, shaving gel, etc. for the guys. They also have some awesome holiday gift packages, so you could easily do your Christmas shopping here. Make sure to click on “Shop our Catalog” to see the holiday specials. If you love Bath and Body soaps and scrubs, you’ll be in heaven with these, because they smell great, minus the harmful chemicals. If you haven’t dove into learning about how toxins effect us on a daily basis, this is a fun, learning experience and a great chance to earn free products. If you are local, host a class, earn some freebies, and the profits will go towards missions. We can also do this on FB or you can do a catalog party, where orders are taken from the catalog.


Be Young Total Health – Sharing Partner #12610

Natural and whole food supplements, antioxidant drinks, essential oils, and a few natural bodycare products.



Who doesn’t buy from Amazon? This is my affiliate link and again like all of the others, whatever I earn from any purchases made from this link, will be set aside for Caleb and other students missions funds. Please take the time to use this link as you shop! I have also put a widget in the sidebar of my blog, so if you lose this link, go to and look in the right side bar.


I have been passionate about natural methods of healthcare since our children were small and we have found these methods to be helpful in keeping our family healthy. I represent these companies, because they are companies we use and I share with others. Whether I have an opportunity to earn from them or not, I still share them, because they have benefited us so much. I am in the process of working on my aromatherapy certification and have lots of close friends who work in the field of natural healing. If I can help you decide where you want to start or how you would replace the products you are using with one of the above companies, please feel free to message me. Solle Naturals and Pure Haven Essentials both have a great host or hostess incentive for those who are local who would like to host a workshop or party. For those who are not local, we can do this through FB or a webinar, so consider this as well. You can earn freebies, help support Caleb and other students at SCSL, and benefit from some great products. If you a parent of an SCSL student and would like to host a party with your friends, either, local, FB, or catalog, we can designate the profits for your student and I will donate them in their name.

So, to summarize, we need your support! I am asking you to join forces with Caleb and others to raise the funds for their missions trips. I have heard many times that some are called to go and some are called to give to those who go. We have an opportunity to support those who are called to go!

Please share so we can get as many people using these links as possible, especially the Amazon link!

Hugs and Blessings!

Joy Montejo



The Pumpkin Spice Latte that is Indulgent and Health Building

by montejosmemorials on September 15, 2016

The Pumpkin Spice Latte that is Indulgent and Health Building

by Joyce Montejo


Fall is fast approaching and everywhere you go there are comfort drinks filled with everything we shouldn’t consume. I’ll admit, I fell prey to the temptation yesterday when we were out and about. Instead of feeling guilty, I came home and set out to make my own. Here’s what I came up with and it was super yummy! I felt like I had really indulged, but not only did I avoid the sugar and milk, I added some great benefits to my drink.

Pumpkin has always been one of my favorite things to sneak into stuff. It’s easy to add a cup to soup, because it stirs right in without adding a lot of flavor, but adding some veggie nutrients at the same time.

I included two variations of the recipe, because everyone won’t have CinnaMate, but when you see the benefits, you’ll want to get some! It is an extremely powerful herbal combination designed to provide increased energy and focus through natural stimulation, enhanced digestion, and sugar management. It includes Yerba Mate, which includes 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and many other key plant compounds. Cinnamon, which is mood enhancing, has been known to reduce blood sugar levels, and support healthy levels of cholesterol, is another key ingredient. Nopal, known to have adaptogen properties, Banaba, and Thyme are also included. you can learn more here. I love the energy it provides without the crash.

I found that when I drank it hot, the coconut milk was creamier, but the almond milk was better when it was iced. Don’t forget to top it off with some whipped cream.



Are Your Expectations of Yourself Unrealistic?

by montejosmemorials on September 5, 2016

Are Your Expectations of Yourself Unrealistic?

by Joyce Montejo

By the end of August, I usually am at a place of pure exhaustion! I find myself more emotional, harder to get along with, and having more of a complaining spirit. We have a lawn maintenance business that we work on the side, in addition to my husbands full time job. Our boys do most of the work, but I am still the scheduler, driver, biller, etc. In addition to all of my other responsibilities, when the end of the summer rolls around, I feel overwhelmed. I have let jobs around the house pile up, am not eating as well as I should because we have been so busy, and in need of some self care.

Since our oldest son went to South Carolina School of Leadership, a leadership, discipleship, mentorship school last year, he has expanded his grass business to the area he lives in. He is paying tuition and his living expenses on his own, and cutting grass has allowed him more opportunities to earn in the short time frame he has free from school responsibilities. He has done a great job cutting grass, but his forte is not working on the machines. The majority of his work needs to be done from Friday to Sunday evening, so when something goes wrong on those days, he has limited time to work. This past week, we had the tropical storm come through SC on Friday, and when he got to his first job on Sat. morning, the mower wouldn’t start. He tried all of the methods he knew, Facetimed with Dad for anything he missed and still was not able to get the mower going. After that, he went on to complete a few small jobs with the weedeater and resigned to wait for us to help Sunday.

Saturday evening we loaded up the van with an extra mower to trade with his in case we couldn’t get his going, and all of the things we would need to help him catch up. Sunday morning we got up early to make the two hour drive in time to go to church with him. I don’t know why I allow myself to forget how concerned God is about me sometimes, but I am guilty as charged. I want to walk in faith all of the time, I want to be joyful and full of hope as I go through my days, I want to trust God with every detail of our lives, but more often than not, I don’t do as well as I wish I could. But you know what? God is always, always, always, faithful to put us where he needs for us to be, or him to show up in our lives!

Ok, now that I’ve given you some background of where I was this past week, I will share with you what I believe will be an encouragement to you too! As the Pastor was preaching and speaking into so many areas of my life, I couldn’t help but think about how he divinely sets up our lives, if we let Him and stop striving against the circumstances in front of us, to give us what we need. So, there I sat, because of Caleb’s broken mower, being reminded of some things I needed!

The Pastor has been preaching out of the book of Elijah, and this week was from 1Kings 19:1-18, on Elijah’s "burnout". I am going to summarize some of the main points.

We are always in danger of overexhaustion, and it can effect us in so many ways. Burnout, depression, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, are some of the things I hear when we feel this way. It can also manifest itself in physical ways too.

What are some of the reasons for burnout?

Accumulated effects of stress (this builds over time).

Lack of physical care.

Unrealistic expectations.

Effects of spiritual warfare. (In Elijah’s position: The prophets of Baal, a hostile environment, the effect of Jezebel, and a long campaign were contributing factors.)

What are some remedies?

Getting into God’s Presence.

Letting God know how you feel, getting your complaints out to Him.

Food and rest.

Double check your thoughts and make sure your reality is real and not inflated.

Adjust your expectations if necessary.

Move on to a new assignment, sometimes a change is necessary.

Many of these points were great reminders for me! Especially since I am in recovery for adrenal fatigue, I need to be careful of how I treat myself. Stress, not eating well or not resting as I need to, and placing expectations on myself that noone could accomplish are huge triggers for overexhaustion. For so long, I had to limit many activities, and for the last year and a half or so, since implementing adaptogens into my nutritional journey, my stamina and emotions have been in much better balance. I have to remind myself continually, because they have worked so well for me, that herbs are a part of a healthy lifestyle and don’t have the ability to make up for all of the things I don’t do to take care of myself. Good food, rest, exercise are all necessary and important for a healthy, balanced life in addition to being in The Word, God’s presence, and fellowship.

Some great applications were made for us to apply to our lives.

Burnout may occur and many times does occur in the seasons or moments of our lives, when we are in the midst of our greatest accomplishments or achievements.

The Lord is not angry with us when we become weary.

"Working harder" can often make us feel worse and the problem greater.

Remember that God’s approval is what really matters.

"Come to me all of you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

So, I’m starting today! As fall is approaching, which is our next season, I am paying attention to what God spoke to my heart yesterday, because of a broken mower, for my next life season. How about you? How do you do in these areas and what are some of your helpful tips?

*You can listen to the sermon I referenced here titled Burnout, 9/4/16.



Are adjectives like crunched, stressed, pressured used to describe your life?

by Joyce Montejo


Do you constantly feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day? I have been guilty of saying that, but when I think about it, it makes me laugh. God knew what he was doing when He designed the day, how many hours, what times were light, and when to sleep, but I cram as many things into that time as I possibly can.

In earlier times, days were controlled by natural light. Now we have the option to accomplish whatever we want to, whenever we want to, and we do. Then we add all of the extra stimulation we get from electronics. There’s the learning aspect, so we stuff our brains full, the social media aspect, knowing what everyone is doing and the pressure we let ourselves feel trying to keep up with that. No wonder so many struggle from depression and anxiety! There really is an overwhelming amount of stuff in our lives, so what do we do?

I try to prioritize, but many times I feel like there is nothing to let go of. Do I stop homeschooling, quit our businesses, don’t eat or sleep? That sounds kind of funny, because those definitely aren’t options!

One of my "light bulb moments" was when I realized I need to prioritize the things that keep me positive and feeling good, and I am better able to accomplish the other things.

Prioritizing my devotion time and knowing that it doesn’t have to look the same way for me as it does for you, is huge in helping me not feel so overwhelmed, even though our schedule is still the same, it totally changes how I feel. Healthy eating and using my herbs, are a huge part of keeping stress levels at bay. Again, this doesn’t have to look the same for all of us. For me it may be Trim Healthy Mama, for you it may be vegetarian. Coming to the place where we don’t feel like we have to be in bondage to a certain thing because it’s popular, or working for others take a lot of pressure off. Find the best eating lifestyle for you. The same goes for exercise. It helps me to feel more energetic, but I had to realize that it has to be  20 minute walk or a short low impact workout video, not a 5K run or an hour high impact video, otherwise it has the opposite effect. If those work for you, great, but if not, implement what does, and don’t feel pressured. Our goal is to decrease stress, and not feel so crunched for time!

I read something this morning that sparked sharing these thoughts with you. It was talking about the Proverbs 31 woman and how we can feel guilty if we don’t accomplish all that she did. Their closing thoughts were that she clearly was energetic and strong, but in order to do all that she did successfully, she had to have been caring for her own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as well.

My prayer for you and myself too is that we would allow God to arrange our days and help us to know what things to include and what to leave undone, as He gives us a peaceful mind and orders out steps.

How about you? Are there some things you need to work back into your schedule to care for yourself and some things to let go of?





I Haven’t Done My Part, How Can I Help?

by montejosmemorials on May 28, 2016

I Haven’t Done My Part, How Can I Help?
by Joyce Montejo

There has been something heavy on my heart recently and I am going to share with you and ask for your help. 

There are many different kinds of friends who will be reading this. Some are long time friends, who know me very well, others are new friends, some are internet friends, who felt led to reach out to me in some way, and others are new friends I may have met at events. Some have used essential oils or herbs, and others have heard me share about them and haven’t jumped in yet. 

Those who know me well, know I don’t take lightly what I share, but if it’s something that’s helped me, I can’t be quiet about it. My heart is to help you as you find new ways to achieve mind and body health. 

I have just passed my one year anniversary using Solle Naturals. Some have been on this journey with me and are experiencing huge strides in physical, and emotional health, as their journey continues. Others have sampled or tried for a month, and others are learning and deciding what they want to do. As I was contemplating this time, and how much better I am, there comes a sadness, that everyone I have come in contact with over the last year, isn’t using Solle consistently and faithfully as I am, because they would have experienced strides forward as well. Y0u may wonder why I am so sure, everyone would benefit? We all have stress, physical or emotional, in one form or the other, and Solle helps your body to deal with that stress and balance. In eighteen years of using natural methods, I’ve never seen anything like it! 

I want to help you in the way you need to be helped and meet you where you are within reason, so that’s why I am asking for your feedback. I want you to be able to experience the great benefits! 

If you got some things from Solle, did you take them? Were you consistent? Did you forget what they were for and not use them? What did you feel when you were taking them?  Did you expect something that didn’t happen? Are there financial reasons you didn’t continue? Did you order too many things and give up because you were overwhelmed? 

If you thought about ordering some things to try, why haven’t you?  Finances? Doubt? Want to learn more first? Not sure where to start? 

Let’s figure this out together!  Maybe we should start over! I have learned a lot over the last year, and have way more to share with you!  

For anyone who lives within a few hours from me, Solle has a great new program called "Gifts of Solle."  Here’s how it works; You invite 5 friends to enjoy some fun fellowship, enjoy some great tasting drinks, and learn about balancing your health naturally… Then you earn from $20 to $150 worth of "Gifts of Solle" and you and your friends are forever changed for the better! It can’t get any easier than that! 

If you are unable to do that or are too far away, message me and let me know how I can support you on your journey to health. 

I you started too big and need to back up, we can work from there too. Download the Solle Naturals app, answer the questions, and message me a screenshot of the results. We’ll pick the top 2 or three and work from there. If that’s too much start with Vital. Commit to drinking Vital for one month, and reevaluate. 

Aren’t you worth $1.40 a day?

What will Vital do for you? 

I have blogged about many of the ingredients, and their benefits, so take a look at how powerful this can be! 

This video will tell you more about the balancing category, that Vital is a part of. 

What’s Vital doing for others? 

I would like to share my story with all of you at the request of my mentor and friend, Kerri. My story with SOLLE began on December 31,2015. I have suffered with severe depression and anxiety for many many years, which put me in a very bad state of mind for a long time. I suffered from alcoholism and addiction to hard drugs which also contributed to my mindset. I was introduced to Solle by my loving mama, who has introduced me to many different things in the past, but this time what she said was different. She told me that Solle products are designed to nourish and heal not only the body, but the mind also! Ding, ding, ding! The bells went off, and within an hour I went and met Kerri who sat down with my husband and I and explained all about Solle to us! My results were IMMEDIATE and AMAZING! I started to feel WONDERFUL and that’s just with starting out with Vital and Cinnamate! I had energy that I hadn’t had in so many years, I WANTED to get up in the morning! I WANTED to talk to people instead of avoiding them. I WANTED to face anything and everything that came my way.. smile emoticon I STOPPED having negative thoughts constantly and started having POSITIVE thoughts on a DAILY BASIS! My Dr. has officially taken me off of 3 medications since December for depression and anxiety, and I couldn’t be happier! I have added ADAPTABLE and all 4 of the essential oils to my regimen and any other SOLLE product I can get my hands on! My blood pressure is finally at normal numbers after several years, and my blood sugar is at normal range also.. I am so happy to be a part of the Solle family!  MK – Solle Naturals Experience page

ANOTHER AWESOME TESTIMONY FROM CHELSEA H. "I have Hashimoto’s disease coupled with hypothyroidism. I also have low blood pressure and low iron due to a high ferratin level. I also struggle with mild OCD and depression. Since I have started the Solle Naturals line I have had the energy to workout, work full time, and keep up with my kids. I’m finally off my antidepressant! I love that this line has maca root which is vital to thyroid health and 
ashwaganda." Solle Experience page


How do I get mine? 

 If you are already a member and can’t remember how to sign in, go to Solle Naturals, login and reset password. I you want to learn more about becoming a Member or Specialist and receiving $25 OFF of your first purchase, message me. Make sure to answer the questions on the Solle Naturals App, so we’ll know where to start. To browse around at the products, you can do that here. 

I love nothing more than seeing you achieve more balance in your lifestyle, so please don’t pass this off as just another email, It truly is my heart! 

Talk to you soon! 

Love, Joy






Essential Oils Simplified for Those who are Overwhelmed

by montejosmemorials on March 2, 2016

Essential Oils Simplified for Those who are Overwhelmed

by Joyce Montejo

A few years ago I started learning about all of the benefits of essential oils and grew to have quite a collection. Then I got excited and wanted to share with everyone what I had learned so they could benefit too! The biggest problem I ran into was, "It an be overwhelming!" When I’d share the benefits, interest would be piqued, but the learning curve was just too wide for many to dig in to. Over and over again, I’d have friends tell me, it’s just too confusing and there’s too much conflicting advice. 

Last May, when I started using Solle Naturals herbal drink blends, I was slow to try their essential oils. I had already made up my mind that I’d use the herbs, but probably not the oils. I already had a bag full of oils, which included one for everything that could come up, that I’d accumulated trying to keep up with an autoship from another company. When I finally did try Solle’s blends,  I was really surprised. Especially when I realized that four blends could accomplish almost everything I had been using my big bag of oils for. I basically was able to replace the big bag on the left with the small bag on the right, Solle’s four blends. I still have my big bag at home, because essential oils are one of my passions, but I almost always grab one of my four Solle blends when I need something and they are what I always grab to carry in my pocketbook. It’s amazing how many things I can take care of with them alone!

One of my favorite things is that I have quite a few friends who are learning to use these four blends, because of the simplicity! It makes me happy, because they are now making healthier choices! Our kids also always know which oil to grab, since I color coordinated our bottles with the four Solle category’s. We have a set of four roller balls, and four spray bottles. Green is Balancing, like the green plants in nature, red is for Lifting, blue is for Calming, like clear, blue waters, and yellow is Clarifying, like the sun. This is a great bag (the blue and white one in the picture above) that is tall enough for the spray bottles to fit in and close. It also has pockets to hold the bottles in place. You also need to make sure you have a good, reliable reference book. This one is my favorite.

Another great benefit is the four Solle blends have saved us a ton of money!!! When properly diluted, my four pack lasts for several months for our family of seven and we use them often!

If you have wanted to learn about essential oils, but it seems like the learning curve is way too big, start here. They’ll be all you need!

Have you stepped into the world of essential oils yet? I’d love to hear about the benefits you’ve received!

Please check out these other great blogs I may have shared with and don’t forget to sign up for our free newsletter.


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Natural Laundry Soap Problems Solved

by montejosmemorials on February 17, 2016

Natural Laundry Soap Problems Solved

by Joyce Montejo


Since we started on this natural journey 18 years ago, I have used lots of laundry soap! Many were health food store brands, that I have since found had questionable ingredients. I have made laundry soap, powdered and dried, as well as gotten frustrated and used the regular kind. I know, don’t judge, but sometimes this natural journey is tough!

We have hard water, which makes it even more difficult, because many natural soaps just don’t work well and if we’re honest, they’re expensive!  Add that to boys, animals, muddy yard, grease and oil from working on cars, etc. and I had almost given up the search.

Now, I am so glad I didn’t, because I have found something that’s natural, organic, inexpensive, and goes a long way. Is the suspense killing you? Well here it is! Eco Nuts.

"These odd looking "nuts" are actually dried berries from a tree that grows in the Himalayas. When agitated in water, they produce a naturally occuring surfactant called saponin, which gently cleanses laundry – an option for those sensitive to conventional laundry detergents. Simply place 4-5 Eco Nuts in the provided cloth bag and toss in the washer with your clothes – they suds up naturally and act as a natural fabric softener in the rinse cycle. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and super soft. Berries can be re-used up to 10 times making them a super-affordable option."

Sounds too good to be true? Well I can promise you it’s not! We are a family of seven at home right now. I got my first box on Dec 21st and am just finishing it. We went through years of everyone complaining because the clothes didn’t smell good, or they didn’t come as clean as I wanted them to, but no more! The flip side was using laundry soap that had strong smells and loads of chemicals, which wasn’t the best option for me.  I also don’t have to worry about them overusing the expensive laundry soap. The only problem we run into is occasionally misplacing the bag of soap nuts. It’s easily found mixed in the clothes.

If this is just too simple for you, they have made a liquid soap from the soap nuts that is still extremely budget friendly.

I also love to add a few drops of my favorite essential oil to these wool dryer balls.

How about you? Do you have a favorite natural laundry option?

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Detox 411, What is it?

by montejosmemorials on December 31, 2015

Detox 411, What is it?

It’s a place to get more information, encouragement and motivation on living a healthier lifestyle, as we enter the New Year.

We will be sharing more about what detox is, why would you need it, how would you do it, the different kinds of detox, and more!

If you’ve always wanted to jump in, but haven’t really known how to start or maybe you’ve even been a little afraid, join us as we sort through and take steps to become healthier.




Love Never Fails

by montejosmemorials on December 5, 2015

I have let posting get put on the back burner the last few months with the busyness of life. I always think of something I want to share, but often fail to take the time to do it. I think well, if I share I have to make a graphic, and I’ll do it later. Later doesn’t come. This morning, I’m just sharing my heart, no pictures, no links, but hopefully it will be a word of encouragement.

My connection to music is undeniable. There are musicians in our family, past generations, this generation, and I’m sure in the generations to come, because that’s what happens. It’s contagious and God has been faithful to keep the fire burning.  It only makes sense then, that some of my greatest revelations are in my personal time of worship.

This morning I let the girls sleep in, and my husband was gone with the boys. Wow! A quiet Saturday morning doesn’t happen around here often.

This is so simple and basic, that some may think what I was going to say would be something really big, but it is. Simple, but big at the same time.

Love never fails, but especially God’s love!

This song is awesome! It’s called "Your Love Changes Everything" by United Pursuit

The chorus says:

You’re taking me by the hand again

Giving me strength to dance again

Cuz your love changes everything

Your love changes everything

As I was listening to that chorus this morning, God was reminding me that He is constantly taking us by the hand and guiding us daily, giving us wisdom to make daily choices to peel away the layer, whether it be physical or emotional and as each layer is peeled away, it gives us a new strength, strength that’s a little stronger than before. When we look back, we see the reminders of how far we have come. 

The bridge says:

"You never fail

When I look at you

You never fail

And I trust in you

And you never let go

You never let go of me

You never let go"

The verse says "I choose to believe."

Today, I want to encourage you to take some time out and listen to those "taking me by the hand again" directions that God drops into your spirit and "choose to believe" it’s from Him. It may be a time of devotion or worship, exercise, making a diet change, choosing a day of fasting or cleansing in a time that seems odd, but He works in big ways through these seemingly unimportant prompts.

I recently have been prompted to take make some lifestyle changes that were extremely uncomfortable for me, but God has used them to give me some huge breakthroughs physically. Another layer peeled away! He guides me because He loves me, and THAT LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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